About The Latvian Hockey Fanclub in Canada

        The Latvian Hockey Fan Club in Canada is set to
        kick-off. We've had interest from coast to coast and are
        trying to put together a schedule with featured games
        followed by a get together with Latvian hockey players.
        In some cases it has to be a quick autograph and photo
        session before the visiting team heads to their bus or
        airplane. In other cases there's an opportunity for a
        more leasurely get-together for those playing at home or
        overnighting. Some games will feature group seating with
        discounted tickets, while others will simply be suggested
        match-ups that may interest Latvian hockey fans.

        It's tough picking out one or two games a month to feature
        in Southern Ontario where we have a lot of options, a bit
        easier in Ottawa,Montreal, Halifax and British Columbia.
        A number of us have already been out and met three of our
        OHL juniors from Latvia. It's tough for 18 and 19 year olds
        to be so far away from home and the guys have enjoyed having
        support in the stands. In fact other Toronto St. Michael's
        Majors players asked two of our guys why their fans are so
        boisterous while the rest of the fans just sit and applaud.

        The Latvian Hockey Fanclub in Canada is informal. There are
        no membership cards, and therefore no membership fees.
        We're simply hockey fans who want to celebrate the success
        of Latvian hockey and it's players with even more Latvian
        hockey fans, while supporting the guys while they're away
        from home. To get the latest updates on where and when we'll
        be cheering, simply send an e-mail to
        with SIGN ME UP in the subject line.

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